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Hajj Package 2013 Testimonial by Khaleel Malik

    Dear Brother Sharif,


    Many thanks for arranging my Hajj trip. The experience is memorable and I made some good friends.

    The logistics were well managed, the hotels in Makkah and Medinah were excellent quality and in prime locations. You were most approachable by telephone or face to face whenever required - many thanks for your personal help!

    The Seminar in Birmingham is an excellent forum to meet and learn about trip before travel to Saudi.

    The Mina camp facility was very good.

    May Allah give you and Zam Zam more business success in the future and I hope my feedback is helpful.


    Kind regards.



    Khaleel Malik
    Denton, Manchester

    My family and I found that you guys delivered everything you said you would within your package.Brother Khaleel Malik

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