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Hajj Package 2013 Testimonial by Abdul Razzaq



    I travelled with Zam Zam Travels this year (2013) for Hajj with my wife, brother and sister in law and have to say that it was the most fantastic and amazing lifetime experience. The paperwork and visa application was efficiently processed and communication was always very clear with Brother Sharif who dealt with us with respect and dignity.


    The Aziziah accommodation was fine, food was good but slightly repetitive menu and transfers to Haram, Mina via coach very organised. Tents in Mina and Arafat were very good and I have to say that after staying for a fourth day of stoning I felt an air of sadness leaving Mina within the empty eerie tents compared with the spirit of Hajj and muslim brotherhood/sisterhood beforehand.  The stoning of Jamarat was hassle free and a real breeze within easy walking distance although the weather was hot and plenty of water is recommended. In Mudalifah I managed to get a few hours sleep and a quick dash back in a bus straight after Fajr salat to Mina.


    The Mecca and Medina hotels were as expected as per the package and a few yards from the main courtyard of the Holy Mosques.


    What made the Hajj extra special was the Brothers and Sisters on our journey and other groups that are affiliated with Zam Zam and how they all pull together – Brothers Abu Hassan for his spiritual guidance, Brother Iqbal for his organisational skills, Brothers Mehboob, Yousaf for support also deserve a mention and whole hearted thanks for their kind assistance in helping us throughout our journey. I personally saw Brother Yousaf helping and almost carrying one elderly frail Hujjaj in Masjid-e-Nabwi like he would do his father.


    May Allah swt reward them all for their efforts. Ameen.


    I would thoroughly recommend Zam Zam and Brother Sharif to anyone who is thinking of booking for Hajj or Umrah and their new Al Aqsa package sounds like a combination made from heaven.


    Hajj Mabroor to all my brothers and sisters and please keep us all in your duas.



    Forever your humble Brother,



    Abdul Razzaq and family
    Director of Public Health / NHS

    We have to say that it was the most fantastic and amazing lifetime experience...Brother Abdul Razzaq

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