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Hajj Package 2017 Testimonial by Burhan Younus

    Assalamulaykum Brother Sharif,

    Experiences of Hajj 2017

    • Personally, my experience greater than I expected in a very positive way.
    • As i built up a a good relationship with Zam Zam Travels (mainly brother Sharif) before departing, I was comfortable with asking as many different questions as I could.
    • Being able to ask questions openly, helped me prepare for the most important journey of my life in this duniya.
    • The preparation in advance, including the Hajj seminar before leaving ensured that I was able to maximise the opportunity to increase my ibadah whilst in Saudi.
    • The hotels in Makkah, Madinah and accommodation in Aziziyah was all as described and very pleasant, especially when I humbled myself.

    Hajj seminars in Azizyah, Mina, Arafat

    • Personally, I enjoyed the seminars that were presented.
    • If possible, I would like to see more of these seminars in the future to help us build our knowledge.

    Your experiences with our group leaders

    • Shariful Haque - Great experience with brother Sharif alhamdullillah. A very straightforward, supportive and humble brother whom many people did not listen to or follow his instruction. Having listened carefully to the advice and instructions from brother Sharif, I felt like my Hajj experience was much more pleasant.
    • Abul Hassan - A very knowledgeable and humble brother whom I learnt a lot from and still remember his voice in my mind to remind me of many words of wisdom alhamdullillah. Another great brother whom I learned a lot of patience from.
    • Ameer Haq - Alhamdullillah another great experience with brother Ameer. Very knowledgeable, very relaxed and always on hand to support with any issues whilst we were out for hajj. Also, brother Ameer explained things so simply and linked back to the Quran which I was humbly touched by.
    • Fayasal - Very little dealings with Fayasal bhai but overall, I had no issues with the brother
    • Sheikh Saif - A very knowledgeable and straight forward brother. Very good experiences with Sheikh Saif. One in particular was during the morning of 12 Dhul Hijjah where I fell a little ill and Sheikh Saif personally came to see if I was OK and offer me his assistance, which was very kind of him. His knowledge and tendency to share it was of great use to us all.

    Overall, I had a great experience with Zam Zam travels and would definitely recommend them in the future. Please remember me and my mother in your duas inshaAllah.

    Kind Regards


    Burhan Younus

    A very knowledgeable and straight forward brother.Abdul Khalique Chowdhury

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