Hajj Package 2013 Testimonial by Ridwan Kureemun

    Assalamualaikum Sharif,

    Hope you're fine. Below is how we sum up our Hajj experience.

    We're glad to say that, Alhamdullilah, we've had a good Hajj overall. There are some areas which we believe ZamZam could have improved in order to make this experience even better.

    Sharif and Hassan were great team leaders, brimming with so much passion in leading the group. They ensured that people were keeping up together as a group during the walks to/from Mina/Jamara. The use of the portable loudspeaker by Sharif was a very good idea and he used it well to give clear directions to the group.

    Sharif was a very dedicated leader who pushed himself to ensure that the group was properly led.  Likewise, Hassan was also a very good and caring team leader who was always willing to go the extra mile. His knowledge and good manners were very beneficial to the group and he was very approachable at all time during the trip.

    Good food was generously served throughout the trip.

    Other than the coach arrangement from the airport to Aziziah, transport was well organised with reasonable waiting time under the prevailing circumstances

    Hotels in Makkah and Madina were excellent.

    In a nutshell, may we reiterate that we are indeed very pleased with our experience and would definitely recommend ZamZam to our friends/relatives. We're sure that, insha Allah, the necessary steps will be taken by ZamZam in the near future to rectify issues.

    Jazakallah for being our guide in this Holy place. May Allah bestow his blessings on all of you and give you even more courage to help more brothers and sisters.



    Ridwan, Aisha & Adeeba Kureemun


    Sharif and Hassan were great team leaders, brimming with so much passion in leading the group.Brother Ridwan Kureemun

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