Hajj Package 2018 Testimonial by Zulekha

    Experience of Hajj 2018:

    Alhamdulillah, Everything that was itemised in our itenary you provided to us in advance, was met. Your staff answered any questions I had politely and to the best of their ability. Hotel rooms exceeded our expectations in both Medina and Makkah and in Aziziya it was how we had aniticipated having researched this beforehand. Food provided was fresh, healthy and delicious at each mealtime. The facilities in Aziziya (drinks, icecreams available 24 hours) was a treat and we never once felt we were being rushed or hurried.

    Thanks to your ground staff there. Transport arrangements were exactly how you had explained therefore were happy with this also. The unfortunate event of the extra flight did make the initial journey quite hard on everyone and next time I would book direct, but that is my learning experience I take away in this instance.

    Hajj seminars in Aziziyah, Mina, Arafah.

    Alhamdulillah, the wealth of knowledge benefited the group immensely at all the talks that were given during Hajj 2018. I particularly liked the fact that upon my suggestion of having a ladies only question/answer seminar the group leader took this on board and accommodated this , without any issue. The talks were spiritually uplifting and aided to act as a reminder as to why we wee performing Hajj.

    • I would suggest better speaker facilities as at times it was difficult to hear the very good talks that were given. I know this is difficult to resolve but thoughts around this would help your company give a better service in this area, in sha allah.
    • The air conditioning in Mina was harder than I had imagined but brother Shariff did give the option to upgrade so again this is my learning experience.

    My experience with group leaders.

    Alhamdulillah, our group leader was helpful,kind and tried his best to resolve other people's issues, with the resources he had. I found him to be approachable and his sense of humour helped out when things did get difficult as they do.

    All other group leaders were also genuine and helpful.

    Any suggestions for the future

    At your pre-Hajj seminar, have books of the seerah of the prophet S.A.W on sale for people to buy!!! the solution to the lack of patience in humans is answered in understanding the life of the prophet S.A.W , so along with walking more tips, ask brother Shariff to suggest they do bedtime reading also. The rest is in the hands of Allah SWT!!

    I was very pleased with my experiences of what was promised in my package and I will be booking with your company again in sha allah. From my first phone call to Fahim I knew that I was in good hands and everything he outlined to me happened. The option of a family room in Azizya is the reason I booked with your company and I was happy you delivered on this.

    A huge jazakallh to all those involved as I cannot speak about anyone else but we had the time of our lives and took away the best memories of our Hajj 2018.


    Best wishes,

    Zulekha and family.

    From my first phone call to Fahim I knew that I was in good hands and everything he outlined to me happened.Zulekha & Family

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