Hajj Package 2018 Testimonial by Olawale

    Experience of Hajj 2018:

    As mentioned above, i had a great experience (May Allah accept our hajj and umrah, amin) and pray to be there again either for hajj or umrah (with my family in sha Allah).

    Overall, i think everything went well and this displayed the experience of Zam Zam Travels in this regard.

    My colleagues on other groups (not Zam Zam) really felt i got a lot better than they did.

    Hajj seminars in Aziziyah, Mina, Arafah.

    All the seminars were great. Right from the Birmingham one to Aziziyah to Mina and Arafat. Sharif and his colleagues gave a lot information - though some might be better but as humans, we can only do as much as we can at the particular point in time.

    Abul Hassan was superb, I liked the way he carried out his Sheikh duties and the information he ave. He always gives good spiritual feelings to the exercises being carried out.

    On a separate note, please give my regards to him and I pray we meet in Janatul-Firdaus with our Zam Zam families, domestic families and friends.


    Lastly, I want to say again -Jazak Allah Khairan and I would surely go with Zam Zam again (if all conditions are favourable).


    Best wishes,

    Olawale and family.

    I would surely go with Zam Zam again (if all conditions are favourable)Olawale & Family

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