Hajj Package 2018 Testimonial by Sabah

    Experience of Hajj 2018:

    Our overall experience was excellent. The group were well organised, friendly and approachable. The facilities provided were as described in initial package so no surprises.

    Our Hajj seminars in Azizyah, Mina, Arafat

    I did not really much benefit on these seminars as they all seems to be occurring at the mens side of tents and the speaker volumes were not great. The dua at Arafat was excellent.

    Your experiences with our group leaders

    • Shariful Haque: Enthusiastic, loud which was important and needed, problem solver. He was excellent at the airport on arrival.
    • Abul Hassan: Very Knowledgeable and gave good advice on Islamic related matters.
    • Ameer Haq: Friendly, tried his best to solve everyones problem.
    • Fayasal: Not much interaction with him so hard to comment.
    • Fahim: Very organised, took responsibility.

    Any suggestions or recommendations for next year

    The only bit of Hajj that felt a bit chaotic was the journey from Muzdalfa to Jamarat and Mecca. Acknowledging that there is probably no perfect way of doing it but there was chaos among the group from start and slightly wrong information given about the methods of transport.

    I think it is unrealistic to expect so many people with different pace to walk all the way. In our group we ended up going to Mina camps anyway instead of short cut to Jamarat and if we were aware of that we could have just taken the bus, which some other people did. Also as we later found out on last day of Jamarat that although taxis or bus are difficult to get there are options, which we were not made aware of.

    If you can sort something about transport for that day your package will be perfect.


    Best wishes,

    Sabah and family.

    Our overall experience was excellent. The group were well organised, friendly and approachable.Sabah & Family

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