Hajj Package 2017 Testimonial by Amir, Farah and Subhaan

    Asalam Alaiqum brothers,

    Experiences of Hajj 2017

    We had a very good experience MaaShaAllah, we have already recommended you to many people. Our package truly was a five star package with excellent hotels in great locations. You delivered all that you promised and we feel that the price we paid for this package was very reasonable.

    The Direct flights were very handy. we flew from Manchester straight to Madina and this meant that when we arrived we were not overly tired. As promised the coaches used to transfer us from Madina to Makkah were very comfortable. As were all the other coaches used throughout our stay. All Zam Zam staff (including the local staff in Aziziya and Mina) looked after us very well.

    We were very impressed with the first class service we received throughout. one example of this is that we received a full service on our last day and night in Aziziyah even though everybody else had left and it was just the three of us in the hotel.

    Just a few niggles:

    • On a few occasions there was a bit of miscommunication and we weren't told when seminars were. Maybe a WhatsApp group of all Hajjis would be a better way to communicate with everybody.
    • Tents in Mina were very overcrowded. Too many people in one tent meant that nobody could move around and aircon was not able to cool effectively. We walked past other, smaller tents and could feel their cooling outside.
    • Rooms in Aziziyah had absolutely no furniture. A small wardrobe would have been handy, as would a simple small table. Even a plastic garden chair would have been something to put things like your keys, wallet, glasses etc. on.

    *A note from Zam Zam Travels, we take all feedback seriously and enjoy being upfront and transparent. We'll be looking into the above.

    Hajj seminars in Azizyah, Mina, Arafat


    • Starting from the very first seminar in Birmingham all the seminars were very good Maa ShaAllah. We didn't know what to expect when we went to the first seminar but came away having really enjoyed it and feeling ready for Hajj.
    • The seminars in Mina were very informative and helpful and prepared us very well for each stage of our Hajj. The seminar in Arafat was especially good and very well delivered. It was very emotional and touching.
    • Seminars in Aziziyah helped to prepare us for what was to come. All the questions we had were answered in a straight forward way. In the future it might be better if seminars were delivered in English first and then Bengali because most people seemed to understand English.

    Your experiences with our group leaders

    Thank you very much to all the staff who worked amazingly hard so that we could have the best possible experience. We especially enjoyed the brother Sharif and brother Ameer partnership. They often lightened the mood during the tough times of Hajj. We think they should have a Saturday night TV show!!

    • SHARIF UL HAQUE. - Brother Sharif is so energetic and passionate about the Hajj experience. He seemed to walk twice as much as anybody else and never got tired. From start to finish we never saw him lose his passion. He gave up a lot of his time to make sure everybody was happy.
    • ABUL HASSAN. - Brother Abul Hassan has a vast amount of knowledge which he delivers in a very passionate way. He was very approachable and spoke to you on a very human level. We never found him to say anything controversial and liked that he was so open minded. We enjoyed every one of his sermons. Dua in Arafat was especially memorable. It reduced many to tears.
    • AMEER HAQ. - Brother Ameer was our group leader and we flew out with him. From the moment we met him at Manchester airport to the moment we left he took very good care of us. He always answered the phone whenever we called him and called back if he couldn't answer. He was always ready to answer any questions we might have and sort out any problems we may have.
    • FAYASAL - Brother Fayasal worked so hard to make sure everything ran smoothly for us all. He was very organised and seemed to have endless energy and patience. He seemed to be doing lots of things in the background but he did them all very well. We were very grateful when he sorted out a replacement room for us in Aziziyah because the first one we were allocated didn't have a private bathroom.
    • SHEIKH SAIF. - We didn't have much dealings with this brother. However he did accompany us on our last journey which was from Aziziyah to Jeddah airport. On this journey we found him to be confrontational with officials and some of our fellow passengers.

    Hope all of this helps and once again thank you all for making our Hajj as easy for us as possible. We are making dua for you all. Please remember us in your duas too.

    Allah hafiz.


    Amir, Farah and Subhaan Sheikh.

    Thank you very much to all the staff who worked amazingly hard so that we could have the best possible experience.Amir, Farah and Subhaan Sheikh.

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